Security Consultant

Security Consultant (South Africa Region-Lesotho) 


Under the direct supervision of the Headmaster’s Office, Machabeng College is looking for a highly qualified consulting Company to evaluate and respond to the Campus security needs. Primary functions include analyzing current practices and security threats to determine risks to clients, personnel and assets. The best candidate will inform through a report, advise and liaise with the security stakeholders; improve security-related programs; put in place operational and physical security measures to mitigate identified risks; and coordinate response to security incidents and emergencies.

This is a 6-month contractual appointment, renewable to a maximum term of cumulative 1 year.

Specific duties and responsibilities:


  • Collect, collate and analyze security threat information.
  • Provide timely situation assessments and recommendations for action during security incidents affecting the Campus and the Health and Safety of the community.
  • Conduct security risk assessments to determine risk levels for personnel, students and operations.
  • Prepare timely security reports covering significant security-related incidents and provide analysis of how each event impacts the overall safety and security of the Machabeng College personnel, students and operations.
  • Provide analytical support to the Senior Management Team.


  • Prepare and deliver a long term security action plan to recover the campus security.
  • Establish productive liaison with security departments at the UN, the World Health organization, diplomatic/embassies and vendor security information providers.
  • Establish and sustain close working relationships with personnel to exchange security information, training and provide advice.
  • Assist in the Emergency Crisis Plan development
  • Establish systems and protocols for compliance administration, database and geocoding development, management, document management, “after action reviews,” training and instruction for staff, support for security training programs and other tasks as determined.
  • Lead the hiring process for increased security personnel.

Physical Security

  • Conduct a total physical security assessments/surveys of offices, classrooms, campus residences, and buildings and make recommendations in accordance with high level embassy security operational standards.
  • Develop and support security arrangements for weekend conferences and events.
  • Assess close protection and security consultant needs and make arrangements for implementation when necessary.

Emergency Response

  • Monitor the security situation and play a primary role in supporting the College’s response to security incidents, emergencies and crises that could potentially affect personnel, clients and assets.
  • Liaise with external sources to support emergency response efforts up to and including evacuation.


Educational development, typically acquired by the completion of an advanced university degree, or equivalent, in international relations, political science, or security risk management or a related field; or a university degree, or equivalent, supplemented by a minimum of six years of relevant professional experience.

Skills and Experience:

  • Previous work experience in a security is expected.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of security analysis and risk assessments or physical security or security operations and planning.
  • Fluency in English (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
  • Superior spoken and written communications; candidate must be comfortable speaking in front of large audiences.
  • A strong customer service focus and ability to build and maintain trusting client relationships in a multicultural environment is preferred.
  • Ability to work productively in a team environment as well as individually.
  • Must be comfortable operating in a high-stress environment requiring short deadlines and be able to provide reasoned and immediate advice and assistance during emergencies with little or no supervision.
  • Availability to work on emergency situations during off-hours; for an extended period of time in some cases.
  • Experience in creating and managing electronic databases is preferred.

The Machabeng College is committed to achieving a diverse staff, including gender, nationality, culture and educational background.

Apply with the following documents to

1. resume/CV,

2. three (3) reference letters from previous work experiences (Consulting Experiences preferred)

3. Police background check from country of origin and police certified stamped copies of your security qualifications (Certificates, Degrees),

4. Valid Passport

5. Valid Driver’s License

The deadline for receipt of application is by Friday, 19th June 2020


  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Only short-listed candidates shall be contacted.
  • As we are an international school observing the COVID19 social distancing, please do not come directly to the College. Security will stop you at the gate for reasons of the health and safety of the campus community. You may leave your credential packet with the security and trust the guard will bring it to the Headmaster’s office.

Head of Facilities

Machabeng College is looking for a highly qualified, experienced, administrator for the Head of Facilities.

Purpose of the Head of Facilities Position

To deliver  high-quality professional Administration and Facility Management Service for the proper functioning and the security of the building facilities and grounds in line with the Board of Governors, the Senior Management Team, and the CIS [Council for International Schools] requirements for ensuring that the College remains a secure, functional, learning ready facility that is clean, well maintained and effective for teaching and learning purposes daily.

The Head of Facility will assist the Machabeng College organization in directing creation of the functional integrated spaces, minimizing disruptions to overall daily business operations, improving working conditions for support staff, and creating a safe and comfortable environment for both staff and clients. HOF will understand the technical aspects of the property, support day to day business operations, ensure efficient operation of facilities, mitigate risk, and ensure that facilities meet the needs of clients and staff. The HOF has to be experienced in organizing construction projects and daily management of tasks for maintenance, security and grounds.

Objectives for Performance: The Head of Facility will  

1. Establish the systems for the operations and management of the Caretaker, the Security Guards, the Cleaning Personnel, the Grounds men, and the Maintenance crew in the overall security and upkeep of facilities function.

2. Organize and disseminate work responsibilities through schedules and oversight in managing and supporting the functionality and cleanliness of the buildings and grounds.  

3. Provide direction to employees for the organization of materials, tools, etc., as well as the human resources for all construction projects

4. Create schedules, procedures, and routine maintenance/repairs documentation   

5. Respond to facility and security emergencies and/or manage the Caretakers’ role in these tasks

6. Manage risk by establishing health and safety procedures to protect employees.

7. Manage all outsourced contractors for large and/or emergency jobs

8. Manage and direct security operations which includes scheduling, trainings, establishing procedures and protocols for the security of the campus

9. Conduct regular evaluations of staff performance, quality of workmanship, the conditions of the grounds, facilities, and security patterns using specified documentation, i.e., formal and informal evaluations and WalkThrough checklists.

Job Specifics Description:

  • Planning for monthly budgeting, estimating costs and expenditures as well as requisitioning for projects;
  • directing routine maintenance;
  • implementing and training staff in school policies and safety procedures;
  • minimizing hazards by planning;
  • managing systems for waste disposal;
  • directs scheduling for cleaning staff, Security guards, and grounds men; 
  • plans and manages facilities physical needs to support catering and campus leases;
  • designing and planning workstations, coordinating remodeling and refurbishment initiatives and maintenance/routine repairs;
  • testing equipment;
  • forecasting space needs;
  • ensuring compliance with zoning laws;
  • coordinating staff relocations and negotiating lease agreements (when authorized);
  • engaging with vendors;
  • responding to emergencies, managing risk;
  • managing contractors;
  • overseeing security personnel and site safety;
  • conducting site inspections to ensure compliance with regulations and laws;
  • and managing the maintenance of the vehicles for Machabeng College.

Required Foundational Skills:

  • Preferred: Degree in Facilities Management, Engineering, or Property Management.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • 10 years of Project Management Experience
  • 8 Years in the General Construction Industry
  • Strong knowledge of local regulations and laws
  • Multitasking abilities (ability to juggle many tasks with ease and efficiency)
  • Internet/Computer literacy
  • Microsoft Office and Email Literate
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Highly organized with record keeping, bookkeeping, and meets deadlines
  • Good negotiating skills
  • Experience in construction, maintenance, electrical, motor mechanics, etc.
  • Ability to supervise fire and safety drills
  • Has solid knowledge in securing the grounds through procedures and establishing crisis management strategies
  • Demonstrates good communication skills
  • Demonstrates excellent organizational skills,
  • Has a broad knowledge of facilities, mechanized functions, electrical functions, plumbing, and project management experience.
  • Strong English skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking

Hours of Work: The typical working week will be up to 45 hours with a requirement to be on the school premises; however, Head of Facilities is around the clock responsibility when emergencies arise.

Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm, Fridays 7:30-12:45, 2:00-6:00 PM

Manages the support staff in setup for Weekend events. The schedule will fluctuate during the week so the grounds men will be available for facility support and set up. Variations to these times may be necessary on certain occasions when meetings, building work, functions etc. are held at the school. Any variation will be notified in advance by the Headmaster/Deputy Headmaster/Kay the PA/the Lead Teacher.

There will be an entitlement to 25 days per year of holiday to be taken during school holidays.

Apply with the following documents to

1. resume/CV,

2. three (3) reference letters from previous work experiences

3. Police background check and police certified stamped copies of your qualifications

4. Valid Passport

Valid Drivers License

The deadline for receipt of application is by Friday, 19th June 2020


  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered at this time.
  • Only short-listed candidates shall be contacted.
  • As we are an international school observing the COVID19 social distancing, please do not come directly to the College. Security will stop you at the gate for reasons of the health and safety of the campus community.