Proposed Terms of Reference for Short Term Human Resource Consultancy for Machabeng College

Job title:                             Short Term Human Resource Consultancy for Machabeng College

Duty station:                     Maseru

Contract type:                  Individual Contract (IC)

Expected workload:        3 months

Starting date:                    February 11, 2019


Machabeng College is an International School based in Lesotho, which was opened in 1977 in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education, as an English Medium School. The school is a national asset, sited on government property, and within the constitutional framework is answerable to the Principal Secretary of Education, through its Governance Structure. The Board of Governors of Machabeng College exercise oversight over the Management of the College.  The  Headmaster,  within  the  framework  of  policy  set  by  The  Board  of  Governors  and  under  its overall  guidance,  is  the  chief  executive  officer  of the  school,  providing  educational  and organizational leadership.

As a government property, the school endeavors to  satisfy the requirements of the government and  donor  community  in  fulfilling  the  entry  requirements  for  international  institutions  of  higher learning. In addition, the school is a fully accredited international institution of learning, functioning within a national context. The vision of the school is to  offer  the  highest  quality  International  education  to  students  of  wide-ranging  abilities  and nationalities. Machabeng College is committed to providing an internationally recognized pre-university education and access to international curriculum, whilst also being an educational resource for the local community.


As a requirement of International Schools there is need to ensure that the organization, staffing levels and remuneration and benefits of the local and international staff is commensurate with the expected quality of service delivery expected for such an institution in accordance with the accrediting bodies’ standards and practices. Although there have been some efforts to review and restructure the Organization, there is a need to undertake a study to review and recommend the terms and conditions for all Staff of the College, its suitability and appropriateness, market surveys for other international schools of the same caliber. There is a need to review Organization and staffing levels of the Machabeng College. In addition, the nature of the College, being a National Asset as well as an International School necessitates the creation of policies that merge the requirement of International Standards with National Standards, including types and conditions of work contracts and the fair treatment of Local Staff including retirement age and benefits commensurate with the international standards ascribed to by accreditation organizations.

There is therefore a need for the services of a Consultancy Firm (The Consultant) to develop a sustainable  pay  system and  benefits  that  will  attract,  retain  and  motivate  staff and compare  the  College’s  internal  pay  and  benefits  with  the  Lesotho and external  labour  market  in the SADC Region.

 Scope of Services

The  overall  objective  of  the  Human Resources Consultancy is  to  provide direction  and  support  in  the  formulation  and  management  of  the  College’s Remuneration and Benefits Package, so that there is both internal and external consistency and at the same time, competitiveness when viewed against industry  benchmarks, in addition to providing insight into salary rates of similar International Schools.

The  Consultant  will  analyze  current  organizational  structure,  job requirement, job descriptions,  job positions  and  salary  scales  and  provide  strategic  recommendations  on  the  salary structure and the benefits package of the Machabeng College.   The Consultant will work under the supervision of the Headmaster, and work closely with the Board of Governors Human Resources Sub -Committee and other Senior Management as required.

  1. To carry out a salary/compensation and benefits survey of comparator International Institutions which will ultimately be used to design Machabeng College’s compensation structure ensuring all staff positions are paid competitively in alignment with their job descriptions.
  2. The consultant will also carry out a survey, targeting five to seven local comparator organizations to obtain local market information regarding remuneration of international institutions.
  3. Provide compensation structure information from comparator organizations in Lesotho and the the Southern African Development Community, SADC. As  much  as  possible,  match  existing  Position  Descriptions  with  those  of comparator  organizations  to  facilitate  an  accurate  determination  of  salary levels for various positions and job groups;  Present a consolidated report with recommendations from the findings of the surveys  (Lesotho  and SADC); 
  4. The  Consultant  will  also  be  expected  to develop a  remuneration  strategy  in  light  of  best  practice  and make appropriate recommendations;
  5. Review and make recommendations for updating the College’s Remuneration and Benefits Policy with input from the College’s HR Sub-committee and Senior Management Team and also taking into account the results of the surveys carried out with the comparator Organizations.
  6. Review the Human Resources Policies for the School and evaluate the adequacy and suitability of the policies.
  7. Develop the required Human Resource Policies in line with the outcome of the assessment in 6. Above.
  8. Review the Terms and Conditions of Staff and make recommendation based on the assessment of their adequacy and suitability
  9. Review the Contract document for all staff categories employed by the College. Draft a proposed new contract document.
  10. Make recommendations to the Management on how to address the issues of the regulator documents for the college.
  11. Review and make recommendations on the Professional Development Policy and Training and Development Policy aligned with the standards of the examining bodies the school is affiliated to. Assess their suitability and adequacy, thereafter develop a comprehensive Training and development policy including Professional Development Policy and procedures.
  12. Review and recommend suitable Staff Appraisal System and Tools.
  13. Review and develop a Recruitment Policy and Procedures.
  14. Review and make recommendations on the adequacy and suitability of the Retirement Policy, Provisions of Pensions, and Teaching Service Grants. Develop a policy addressing the Retention and Benefits and Retirement Packages for Local Teaching Staff.
  15. Review and make recommendations on the adequacy and suitability of the Remuneration and Benefits Package of International Teaching Staff. Based on the outcome of 1 AND 2 ABOVE DEVELOP A remuneration package for International Staff.
  16. Review and make recommendations on the adequacy of the Remuneration of the Board.


The deliverables shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  1. An interim and final  complete report on the assignment clearly detailing the process and outcomes of the assignment;
  2. A  revised  RnB  Policy  document  (draft)  incorporating  recommendations from the study
  3. All documents used during the remuneration survey;
  4. A salary scale that matches other comparator organizations;
  5. Highlight  of  benefits  offered  by  comparator  organizations  for  similar contractual  modalities with emphasis on annual leave, sick leave, maternity and  paternity  leave,  health  coverage,  life  and  disability  insurance,  vacation benefits and public holidays.


Following  the  initial  survey  and  review  of  documentation,  the  consultant  should prepare  an  Inception  Report  within  30  days  of  appointment  covering  at  least  the following:

  1. A confirmation of  the Consultant’s  understanding of the terms of reference of

the assignment.

  • A  preliminary  comparison  of  the  College’s  remuneration  level  against  the  local

market remuneration.

  • A  preliminary  comparison  of  the  remuneration  strategy  of  the  College

compared to the local Market, with initial indications as to the advantages and disadvantages of the College’s strategy.

  • A revised detailed work plan, indicating the dates of completion of important

milestones, and the time of finalization of the assignment.

The Inception Report will be reviewed by Board of Governor’s Human Resource Sub-Committee and Senior Management Team and approved prior to the Consultant proceeding with the assignment.


The  tentative  timeline  which  should  be  provided  should  indicate  the  estimated timeframes for the following milestones:

  1. Data  collection  on  salary,  allowances,  entitlements/benefits  and  job descriptions from comparator organizations;
  2. Analysis of data;
  3. Preparation of draft report;
  4. Presentation of findings;
  5. Finalization of report.

Total duration for consultancy is approximately ninety (90) days or three (3) months consultancy period.    In  addition to the  three (3)  months in-country consultancy, the client  will  consult  and  communicate  with  the  Machabeng College  on  changes,  finalization  and acceptance of the report.