Kung Fu Show

Kung Fu refers to Chinese Martial Arts, and also called “wushu” and “quanfa”. This is the study, learning or practice of several hundred fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China. They require patience, energy and time to complete.

The day of the Kung Fu Show, I did not want to attend. I’ve always thought everything about Kung Fu is unreal and tiresome. Seconds after the show began, I became cognizant that my thoughts were totally amiss. Even though some of the activities performed there were a bit direful (the two displayed above), the storyline of the act, the stage management and the likes, were absolutely perfect. Everything was synchronized so well.
The show got more interesting when the Martial Artists simulated the fighting styles of different animals (Snake, Monkey, Frog, Scorpion, Tiger, and Leopard). This was my favorite part of the show and I bet no one would want to miss this part having had a glimpse of it before.







By: Yu En (Mochai)


My China Story

By: Khauhelo Makhele

Saturday, 07/07/2018

This was the Saturday of the weekend during homestay. My family was chosen among a few which would be visited by the teachers from Changchun Experimental High School as well as teachers from my school. When they arrived, they took a mini tour around the house and then my sister Lucy was interviewed. In her interview, she talked about how she welcomed me into her home, how she feels about me being around and all the things she taught me about Chinese culture, which included learning a little bit of Chinese and playing a traditional instrument called Gu Zheng.

Later that day we went to the cinema at Xunchi Square. We watched a Chinese movie with English subtitles. The movie was very emotional, so much that my sister even cried! After the movie we bought some groceries and went to a barbecue at another family where my friend was staying. There was so much to eat and drink!! Different kinds of food! Afterwards we spent the next few hours talking and getting to know each other more. It was a very beautiful day indeed!

Below are pictures of that day