Board Policy

Board Of Governors Policy Manual

Section 2.000

The Board Of Governors Of Machabeng College International School Of Lesotho

Machabeng College is an English Medium School, which opened in 1977 in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education. The school is a national asset, sited on Government property, and within the constitutional framework is answerable to the Principal Secretary of Education. The school is a fully accredited International Institution of learning functioning within a national context. It is open to all academically qualified students, regardless of religious affiliation or national origin.

The Board of Governors of Machabeng College is the governing authority of the school. The Board shall act in the best interest of the school in consideration of the current and the future population and community. The Board shall ensure that Machabeng College community members are heard, participate and are treated fairly. The responsibility for the day-to-day management, operations and administration of the school shall be delegated, by the Board, to the Headmaster who will be accountable to the Board for the efficient operation of the school in accordance with the law of Lesotho.

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