Middle School (IGCSE)


“My students describe Middle School as the best years at Machabeng College!!”

Makatleho Leballo (Middle School Coordinator)

Machabeng college Middle School offers the Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum that spans the two years of  S4 & S5. In the final year of S5, learners will undertake Cambridge Examinations in May and June Months, to receive their results in August of the same year.

According to www.cie.org.uk :

“Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds. It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success. Developed over 25 years ago, it is tried, tested and trusted by schools worldwide.”

Subjects on offer are: Mathematics, French/Sesotho, English Language and Literature, and with a choice of four (Including a one Science subject): Visual Arts, Drama (Performing Arts), Computer Studies, Geography, History, Phys. Ed, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Middle school follows a learner progression policy from S3 to S4 and S4 to S5. To find out more about the document, download the file.

middle_school_handbook.pdf (480 downloads)

Coordinator: Mr. J. Mutepfa
Course ID Course Name
0452 AX Accounting
0400 A Art and Design
0620 CX(Extended) GX(Core) Chemistry
0610 CX(Extended) GX(Core) Biology
0478 AX Computer Studies
0411 AY Drama
0500 DR Fisrt Language English
0510 EX ESL
0520 BX French
0460 BY Gography
0470 AY History
0486 AX Literature
0580 AY(Extended) BY(Core) Mathematics
0413 AY Physical Education
0625 CX(Extended) GX(Core) Physics
LGCSE Sesotho
0606 Additional Mathematics