Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Machabeng College is an International School based in Lesotho that is committed to providing an internationally recognised pre-university education and access to international curriculum, whilst also being an educational resource for the local community.

Our Vision

To offer the highest quality international education to students of wide-ranging abilities and nationalities.

Core Values

We value cultural diversity and seek to provide a caring, innovative and stimulating environment, which realizes the full potential and celebrates the success of every student.

We strive to develop students as whole persons, providing them with learning-to-learn skills and preparing them for successful lives in an intercultural world.

We encourage the active involvement of parents and the wider community in the learning process.

We strive to develop our students as high-level thinkers, with entrepreneurial and self-motivated research skills, combined with the social skills needed to make them effective team players.

The diversity of our curriculum will be guided by international educational trends.